Random Questions + Theories

Aryan Saha
3 min readAug 3, 2021

Sometimes I get bored and think of random things. Other times I try to make sense of things I never completely understood. In special times I find my own answers to my own questions. Here’s a couple of them….

  • There is no free will, but there is free will. We have free will and also don’t. There’s a void where this is answerable. The same void where we answer who, where, how life and all creatures and beings exists. This question is asking if I have my own life in my own control is only answerable through that void. That void is something I can never discover. Hence, I should be stubborn with whatever beliefs create a better life for me. [1]
  • Religion can captivate and control people. How much religion captivates someone varies. We see those pious people [2] that only believe things that follow their religion. Some of us think that religion cuts of independent thinking, understanding, and more. In some cases, that’s true. Yet, religion can benefit us in one way: it answers the “void”. There’s no endless debating in the mind, no questioning purpose and other things. They get piece of mind, albeit they don’t understand why they do certain things in life.
  • So far, emotions seems to determine whether our life was worth it. Many of us seek “eudaemonia”, or this emotion of fullfillment interwined with happiness . That’s what most of us work towards, or at least the part of people who have tried to seek a solid meaning and goal in life. Yet, that’s all that it is at the end. This feeling at fulfillment and accomplishment. The one where we feel like there’s not much left to accomplish, nothing to regret, like we spent all our time correctly and did what we had to do with our one life. But it’s just a feeling, just some emotions, just some chemical reactions that are associated with that peace of mind. So don’t emotions control everything? Also, using evolution to explain why we get certain emotions make sense. Evolution would push actions that keep the human race alive. Emotions, the good ones we actually want, seem to be correlated to actions that preserve the human race. So doing more good would be correlated with the best emotions. So really, the most powerful thing in the world, are emotions.
  • Being a nerd is such a liberating identity. You get to do whatever you want, follow whatever nerdy passions and interest you have, and also distance yourself away from the conforming style of typical society. But, you also get to associate yourself with a different group of individuals; a group that has retainable and desirable traits. It lets us be who we want to be, but also keep retain a group-identity required by human nature.

[1] I don’t really believe that anymore. I know think that there’s a part of that has free will, and another part of that doesn’t really have that much free will. Still, this question is really hard to answer. That’s the purpose of the “void.” If a question touches the void, whether that be after first-principles style repetitive questioning or another way, we should accept the explanation that promotes our core values the most and forget about it. [stoicism] At that point, it’s not worth debating the question because it’s undeterminable at this point of time. It’s better to save time and energy by accepting something beneficial to us.

[2] I’ve seen too many people follow religion with 0 understand and 0 intention on why they follow it. They’re usually so devout because it’s what they’ve been raised to do, and what everyone around them is doing.

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